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Hi, welcome to my little boutique!


My name is Marinthe, I'm twenty years old and I'm a Dutch student. I currently study French in Utrecht, which is a beautiful old city in the Netherlands.❤

Over the past years, I realised how dearly I love things like old French villages, romantic places, those beautiful vintage dresses, reading books, pink clouds on a summer evening, the smell of cake in the oven... These little things just make me so thankful to be alive. There is so much beauty in this world, and unfortunately, there are these big industries nowadays that are kind of destroying it. 

Take the fast fashion industry for example. If you've ever seen some documentaries about it, you know that this industry is no good for our planet. Not only do they destroy nature, but there is also a little trick that these industries use called planned obsolescence. This is a policy of designing a product with a limited useful life so that it becomes obsolete (unfashionable, or no longer functional) after a certain period of time. Those little cute dresses I once purchased at stores like Bershka, Zara or H&M were made with horrible consequences for the environment, and aren't even made to last! Because of this planned obsolescence, I found myself buying new clothes almost every season. In other words: I kept giving money to an industry that I don't want to support at all. 

I'm now sewing my own clothes and I don't really feel the need to buy those low-quality clothes anymore. The clothes I make will last me for a very long time (if not a lifetime) and the fact that these fabrics aren't full of chemicals just makes me very happy. I love sewing and coming up with new designs, so that's why I decided to start a little boutique here. The clothes are all made by me with eco-friendly fabrics (like linen, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc). Even the thread I use is made of recycled PET-bottles :) 


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